West is Best book review!

Hey all - I've done it again - Promised someone I would review their book on my blog for a chance to get a free read.  ;)  Well, if you have 6th graders who like to read, like horses and drama, well, you've got the book for them!  This would have been a better review for the beginning of summer, as this would have been a great summer read!  But since this is when I could post it, we'll go with that.  Perhaps you have a kido that reads fast and would finish it before school started anyway...lol.

Anyway - Have ya'all heard of the book series called the Ginnie West series by Monique Bucheger?  This book, Being West is Best, is the 4th in the series.  If you like series reading, you might want to start at the beginning, there are bits that mention things that have happened, and when that happens you feel a little lost, but otherwise, it's a great read on it's own.

The story is well written, and takes you into the minds of two 12 year olds with emotions and drama that give you a clear view of how they feel and the emotional turmoil of preteens, and what they're in for.  The subject matter is a little adult, in that it deals with parental abuse, just a heads up - but it deals with it in a steady and firm hand, no gratuitous scenes of bloody faces, etc.  You get to know Ginnie and her best friend Tillie and like them.  You come to like her large family and appreciate the safety and sturdiness of her uncles.

And horses.  I would have loved this book when I was 12 -- I was way into horses back then.  I wanted one for my own, but hey, I lived in the city and there wasn't any way I was getting one, so I read everything about them I could.  This series would have been tops on my list.  ;)

Anyway - if you've got readers, they'll want this book.  It's got adventure, fighting, friendship, romance (sort of), no pirates, but hey - it's a West-ern...lol.  Give it a look!  (I know, I sound like I'm promoting Princess Bride, right?)

Have a good one!


Monique said…
Thanks for reviewing my book on your blog! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ;)

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