Friday before Christmas...

The last Friday I work in December.  Can I hear an AMEN!  or a Halleluiah?  (there was much
Anyway - I hope everyone is ready for the next two weeks, they say we might even get snow on Thursday - wow, snow on Christmas?  AWESOME.  ;)
Just to get us all started in the right spirit, today is national Oatmeal Muffin day.  Hmm...  sounds good - though I stuck with cottage cheese and blueberries this time for muffins.  ;)  Would have been nice.
It's also look for an evergreen day, but I think most of us already have a tree that want one.  ;)
Next week is Festivus day (Remember Seinfeld? This is for those who don't like to celebrate anything...the 23rd)
National chocolate day (24th), national egg nog day (24th - big surprise) and national pumpkin pie day (25th).  I would have thought that would be thanksgiving, ya know?  I love pumpkin pie though, so I don't care.  ;)
The 26th is boxing day, which my family has always celebrated by going to a movie together.  My hubby lived in Canada for 2 years and boxing day was a big deal (sort of).  We still haven't figured out what movie we'll go see, but it will be fun.  ;)
However you spend the next two weeks, be it celebrating Hanukkah or the birth of Christ; shopping, partying or staying home where it's warm and dry, curled up in front of a fire and reading with a large mug of hot cocoa, I hope you relax and enjoy!
I wish you all the merriest of holidays and a happy new year. 
Merry Christmas!


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