National Fritter Day!

Well, I realized that it's been tooo long since I've posted anything.  I'll be reading a foodie blog and realize that I'm apparently just not cut out to be a blogger, I guess.  At least not a consistent one, lol.  I do emails at work for silly thoughts on various days, and realized that it could be the same for this blog.  sigh.  Inspiration does hit sometimes. ;)

Protein sugar free Chocolate baked doughnutsHopefully you've all had a marvelous Thanksgiving!!  I know we did.  And my son has announced that he's engaged, so we have a wedding to look forward to next year!!  uh I feel like the Grinch "But what will I wear?" lol

Anyway - it's Tuesday!  Aren't we excited??  Well...sort of, right?  ;)  The second day of December, that month of months where almost everyday is a party...or stress, lol.

I decided I needed a holiday I looked it up and today is national Fritter day!  For those of you who like those deep fat fried confections, this is your day, lol!  Personally, they're just a little too much for me.  I might have to go make some baked doughnuts...  ;)
And - because I thought it was amazing as I work for is also National Special Education day!!  Isn't that awesome??  Who knew? You would have thought we'd have heard more about that one.
Anyway - you should all have recuperated from the pie buffets and turkey comas and be ready for fritters, so go enjoy! 

I'm going to find my doughnut recipe and make doughnuts with my granddaughters.  ;)  Life is good!


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