First Saturday of the year... Monday I head back to work.  I've felt like this has to have been the shortest two week break in history...sigh.  I've been sick for half the time, watched grandkids for a couple of days and didn't really accomplish what I'd sort of planned on.
Oh well...right? 
And since we have a new year, we have new days to commemorate, so I thought I'd toss the strange ones for today out there.
 (this was a free photo off the internet...didn't see anything to credit it to)

It's National fruitcake toss day... (go figure, I guess people still make or buy them)
It's JRR Tolkien day - which is an excuse to watch all the hobbit movies, right?  Lord of the Rings!!
National Chocolate Covered Cherry day - which used to be my hubbies favorite thing.  ;)  ugh.
and last but not least...
Drinking straw day!!  Why do we need a holiday for straws??  have noooo idea.
Well...hope you all have a marvelous day, a great weekend and enjoy with first Saturday of January 2015!
I tell you - I feel like I'm living in Science Fiction theater!  ;)
I've decided (since I don't make goals for new years, I just determine things) that I'm going to write every day this year.  (well, except Sundays...)  I've managed to write yesterday...sigh.  Well, it's just started, right?
Have a good one!


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