Happy Days are Here Again! ;)

Hey you made it!  It's Friday and it's going to be an excellent day!!  Today is actually dedicated to Insane Answering Messages.  Go figure.  You've all heard one...I was trying to find the Studio C episode where Jason is trying to do a new answering message on his cell phone and he does a whole bunch before defaulting to the generic one...but couldn't.  sigh.  It's really funny...  ;)
Anyway I have a neighbor that theirs is the whole "hello? .........Hello?........you're going to have to speak up, can't hear you. ......  Hello?  Well, I guess you'll have to leave a message."
I heard that at least twice before I realized what was going on and don't even bother leaving a message, lol. 

What kind of message do you have on your machine?  I'm tempted to let one of my kids do a message...I know one of them would have it say ..."If you reached this number it was by some miracle the zombies haven't eaten your brain and you're thinking we're going to be of help...sorry!  We're out chasing them down ourselves and can't help you.  If you leave a message we might make it back while the power is still operating and get back to you..."  lol
You know, it's all about Zombies (or zombies vs plants...)
Anyway - have a great weekend!  ;)


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