Hey! Know what today is?

I feel like that stupid camel on the theater commercials..."Hey, what day is it?  It's movie day!"  (I saw a retirement card yesterday that had the camel on it, made me laugh!)
Anyway...It's hump day, crazy day, whatever you like!  Especially today is a great excuse to take half the day off and go home.  You see, it's dress up your pet day (which you have to be home to do) and organize your home day.  Both of which you have to be at home to do, so, you know, think they'd like that excuse to let us have a half day??
Probably not.
Especially since we get a three day weekend this weekend, so, I guess we all need to just hold our passions off till then and have fun with the pets and house then.  ;)
Personally, I don't dress up our dogs (or cats).  One is waaayyy too big to attempt, and the other looks cute with his little moehawk all on his own.  My daughter DOES dress up her little dachshund, but he doesn't like it very much and it's rare.  (Who has ever tried to dress up a cat?  Know anyone?  I'd love to hear the story...)
My house, on the other hand, really needs some organizing.  If only the organizing tools didn't cost money!!  ;)  (you know, like shelves and baskets and tubs and stuff...)  I think we're going to be doing a lot of de-junking this weekend.  How about you?
Well...at least we're getting snow in the mountains which means water this summer!  Hope you all have an awesome day.


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