I have no originality...lol


My original title was going to be Guess What Day it is, and then I realized what I'd titled Wednesdays, and I couldn't believe it....sigh.  I rally don't have an original brain sometimes.
It's Friday!! 
(here's the camel again...what day is it? Huh? can't hear you!)
It's a long weekend!  How many more exclamations can I put in??!!  lol
We have a couple of fun things to celebrate today.  For those of you who are fantasy enthusiasts (like me...sort of) today is Appreciate a Dragon Day!

I like that...how do you appreciate them?  Display photos?  Make sure everyone knows you have a collection (like my daughter, lol)? I guess if you have a live one (right...) you could feed it something special.  I supposed if you have dragon jewelry you could wear it...  ;)  (for those carnivores, I suppose you could eat something like a dragon...)
It's also Nothing Day.  Isn't that kind of an oxymoron??  (isn't that like the holiday in December that was festus day or something? I think people are REALLY bored sometimes.)
And...Religious Freedom Day!  That means all of us everywhere should be happy, right?  Well, it's what our great country was founded on and wars were fought and all that.  (My dad is rolling over in his grave about now...)
Anyway - so perhaps you could spend the evening watching dragon movies!*  Those of you who love movies (me!) and like anything dragon, can spend the evening celebrating nothing, watching dragon movies and being thankful that we have religious freedom.  ;)  Is that a combination or what?  Popcorn is always good...

* here's a list of movies should you need suggestions...  ;)
Dragonheart (great one with Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery)
How to Train Your Dragon (1 or 2) family favorite
The Hobbit (though that's not a very nice dragon)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Okay, so these dragons don't talk, but it's a great book and okay movie, lol)
Mulan (though I think that's a stretch.  He's got to be a lizard, lol)
Petes Dragon (for those who love the old Disney movies)
and let us not forget
Godzilla!!  (yes, he is a dragon!) the more recent one is the best of the modern tales in my opinion.

Have an awesome long weekend!


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