It's National Hug Day!!

You know what that means, right? 
                                                       (snoopy courtesy of's what came up under free clipart hugs, lol)

You have full permission to go around and hug perfect strangers!  lol  I wouldn't recommend it, however...people are really particular about their personal space.  I figure I can hug all my kids and they'll wonder what's wrong with me, lol.  We just aren't a big hugging family.  We try, but ya know. 

Hope everyone had a great long weekend.  We got the storage room cleaned up and organized!  You wouldn't recognize it, even if you had seen it before, lol.  I just love walking in there now. did serve to remind us how lacking we are in some areas of food storage, so it was a doubly good thing.  ;)  (more pasta, more pasta, lol)

Otherwise we didn't get a whole lot accomplished.  I still think it was a great weekend.  ;)

Have a good week!


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