I had a hard time convincing myself to go to work today.  I repeated to myself several times Sunday that "I loved my job...I loved my job."  I am really thankful for my job,'s got to be one of the perfect jobs.  It would be totally perfect if they would let me work from home, but you know.  ;)  Can't have EVERYTHING you want...sigh. 
I totally understand why they called it Blue Monday.
So, in order to make the day more cheery, I knew you'd want to have a reason to smile on this National Blue Monday.  ;)  I think it's interesting that it's the first Monday after new years, but can't fall on new years day...Did you know they've done a study (I can't believe what people will study) and found that there are more heart attacks and issues on Mondays??  Interesting.  I guess that's reason to call it blue Monday...though I think the heart attacks have to do with alarm clocks.  ;)
It's also National Weigh-In day,  ;)  sigh.  Who wants to be reminded of how much they weight?  I mean really??  Unless you've just lost a whole bunch of weight and did a good job staying close to it around the holidays, a weigh in day just adds to the fact that it's blue Monday!!!  Seriously here!
And to top it all off, it's "Thank heaven's it's Monday" as well.  I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that, but I guess there's always the first time.  ;)

Personally, I need another week, but ya know, I faced the music and went in.  ;)  It's the whole whose an adult, right?
Hope you have an awesome day!!


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