It's February!

Well, it's February, can you believe how fast January went?  wow. 
We have a whole new month of silliness to celebrate, and today kicks it off with...drum roll:
Ground Hog day!! 
He definitely didn't see his shadow here, but he did see it back in Pennsylvania!  Good thing it doesn't really depend on that little rodent to get it, right?  We really could use the moisture  ;)  We ALWAYS watch the movie GroundHog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, it never gets old.  (though sometimes we skip through all the suicide days)...we always talk about time and using it wisely.

It's also World Play Your Ukulele Day.  Everyone has one of those sitting in the closet just waiting to be pulled out....not.  ;)  But if you do, go ahead and play it!  I guess they are a little more popular in Hawaii, lol.

It's also (and this is my favorite!) Crepe day
I had no idea!  I'm excited.  My kids would be much more excited about groundhog day if we had crepes too, lol.  I'll have to see if they want to change the menu from sausages and potatoes to crepes...  (you can make them healthy- I use egg whites and skim milk...and if you fill them with fruit, use yogurt or cottage cheese on top - it isn't against any healthy eating guidelines!  ;)  Of course...what's a crepe without chocolate, so ya know...;)  )

Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable weekend and didn't over eat at their superbowl or anti-bowl parties, lol.  (we don't watch the game, we protest by playing games as a family.  Last night it was electronic trivial pursuit and it was guys against girls...we won!!)

Anyway - whatever you choose to do today, make it fun and smile!  Life is good.  ;)


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