It's Monday and it's ....

Okay...this week has a lot of celebrations, so I'll try and make them brief so I'm not taking up too much of anyone's day.  ;)  Some weeks we have nothing terribly exciting, and then we have weeks where someone was inventive every day. Go figure!

I  hope everyone had a great weekend!  Yesterday was gorgeous, wasn't it?  I have green stuff shooting up, and it makes me worried for March! sigh....

Anyway - today is Clean Out Your Computer day...  I'm not sure what that means, perhaps get all the programs off you don't really need, or delete files that you don't use anymore...I'm sure whoever takes care of your computer will appreciate that.  ;)

It's also Read in Your Bathtub Day - which my son-in-law would appreciate.  He's dropped many a book in the bathtub, lol. I don't like baths because the water gets cold too soon - so if it were a hot tub, that's another thing. ;) (and then I'd fall asleep...)

And strange one - Toothache day...what?  That's like promoted by the dentist industry, you think?  The only thing the site I get most of my information from said was they had heard it was founded the same day as the Hershey Company was founded...  ;)  Another person said it was because of some patron saint from around 200 AD that was in support of dentists.  Interesting little tidbit of the everyone had their cleaning recently?

Well... onward and upward, as they say.  New week and hopefully rain today!  (pop quiz...Rainy Days and Mondays - who sings that song?)


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