It's Thursday!! thank heavens....

Greetings you silly thought lovers!  Yesterday was such a Wednesday - I could have used a reason to have a celebration, so I'm glad there's some today.  It's another multiple, so here we go.  ;)

National Chili Day!  

I guess that's when it would be good to have a chili cook off.  We're not into the spicy stuff, so it's more just a good flavor.  ;)  I like to serve it with a great corn bread and hm....guess I know what we're having for dinner tonight.  It's my older sons night to make dinner - have to see if he's willing to cook some good old fashioned chili - not from a can.  ("what? you want me to make something from scratch???")  lol

For Pete's Sake day.  Interesting - this is a day for itself??  Trivia for the day...this is a 'minced oath'.  Which I guess means it's said in place of a cuss/swear word.  Personally, I thought it was just a phrase...but I guess that's when you would use the phrase...anyway.  It's a possibility that it's based on St Peter.  They say that if you have a Pete in your life to be nice to him today.  Well...have fun with that - don't know any Peters...well, I know a little 7 year old, lol.

National Bacon day.  
Yeah!  for those of you bacon lovers out there, a real excuse to use it with everything today.  I think we can put it in our chili tonight!  ;)  There are those that think bacon doughnuts are yummy...and it seems like they're putting bacon in just about everything. 
                                               sigh.  What's your favorite way to eat bacon?

World Pistachio day!  My daughter will be way excited for that one.  My father-in-law loved pistachios, so we might have to eat some in his honor.  ;)  hm...pistachio pudding is always good too...  

Well - enough celebrating talk, I guess it's time to get back to work.  Hope everyone has an awesome day celebrating life in your favorite way!  ;)


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