Please Tell me It's Friday???

It is!!!  ;)
You're patience all week has paid off, it's Friday.  Isn't it a sad commentary on our society today that we hate weekdays and love Fridays??  Interesting... that said, let's move on to reasons to celebrate the day!
Today is Canadian Maple syrup day!!  YEAH!  (although it tastes wayyyy different than the homemade stuff I grew up on, lol)  If we weren't already making stuffed chicken breasts for dinner, we'd have pancakes with syrup!  ;) 
It's also Lame Duck day.  Why would they have a day for lame ducks???  I thought that sounded kind of like the blond joke in the beauty pageant..."I think handicapped people should be able to park where ever they want..."  ;)  (seriously though, I wish there were more of them in our political system today, we'd have something to look forward to...nuff of the politics - sorry)

And, just because most of us still like it from time to time, it's Bubble Gum Day!!  That gives you an excuse to go buy one from a gum ball machine and chew till your jaw aches.  (It doesn't count as candy, does it???)  I want to see bubbles, people!!  Ones as big as your face!  ;)
And last but not least--

 (The Girlscout cookies are from their site ;)  )

It's Girl Scout Cookie Day!!  Can I hear an Amen???  At least from those of us who like them...or should I say are married to people who like them, lol.  ;)  I'm not that big of a fan of them, though I won't pass up a Samoa once in a hubby LOVES the mints and the peanut butter ones.  The kids will snarf them too if given the chance.  ;)
So, it's the end of a long week, we have loads of reason to celebrate and the weather is gorgeous.  Wow...what more could we ask for??
 Have a great weekend!


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