Sad Day....Star Trek Fans and other Thoughts

Well...we all knew this day would come.  People don't live forever in these mortal bodies, and so we have to accept.  However, there are some people that we keep thinking will just go on and on.  Since they will live forever on film (well, sort of) we think they'll just keep going on.  Like Leonard Nimoy.
(this is taken from KSL's article)

This man defined the word logic.  He was cool at being a nerd when it wasn't even a word.  I grew up with him being Spock, even though he went on to do many other shows and plays and became so much more.  However, in the end, most of us will always associate him with Star Trek and Spock.
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I will always remember his expressions, his logic and his friendship for Kirk.  I think all of us will always consider him our friend.  He taught the true meaning of the word.
Thanks Leonard.  You'll be missed.  I wonder what you think of the spirit world after all the words you visited.  ;)

In line with that, one of my co-workers was telling me her 21 year old daughter lost her husband of 18 months last Sept.  Oh man!  That's a heart ache!  At the time of the funeral she was late on her womanly time and hoped that she was pregnant -- but she wasn't.

My co-worker was thinking this would help her learn all kinds of things to say to people who have suffered great loss.  But she said she hasn't learned anything new...all she can think of is to say "I'm so sorry."  She doesn't sleep well at night for worrying for her daughter and how to help her cope.  I guess we never stop worrying.

And...perhaps that's all you can say sometimes...let someone know that you feel for their loss...but you'll never really know how they feel.  We all feel things differently.  But we do have empathy.

Well...the world is a different place today.  I hope it was made better because you were in it.  ;)


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