Three for the Price of One! ;)

Instead of a hole in one, today is three in one, lol.  
Today, in honor of it being Thursday, (or not) is Chocolate Mint Day!  

Is everyone excited??  sort isn't necessarily my favorite flavor.  ;)  My hubby likes it though, so I'll have to give him this nice mint chocolate bar on my desk.  ;)

It's also Chinese New Year!! 

 Everyone celebrate and have Chinese for dinner!  Fried rice is the best...or sweet and sour, hm.  Don't know which to choose.  ;)  Which is your favorite?  It's apparently the year of the goat...or sheep, depending on how you interpret it.  ;)
I think these are pretty cute.  ;)

the Great American Spit Out!  that's for those of you who chew tobacco.  Hm.  Didn't even know that was a day for itself.  It's a quit chewing day, and I guess if you know someone who chews, then you can encourage them to quit.  Interesting.  Well...just another interesting tidbit to add to the trivia in your lives.  ;)

Hope you have a great Thursday!  We might get moisture this weekend, so it's all good!!


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