Happy Pie Weekend!

Hey everyone - there were soooo many crazy things today, that I cut through and only did a couple.  I'm hoping one of them will make you smile.  ;)

Not the least of which is looking forward to pie day tomorrow...I thought it was really interesting that tomorrow is actually the numeric equivalent...(or whatever).  Kind of cool...I guess especially if your a nerd, right?

Anyway - here we go.  ;)
Donald Duck Day!  

My father-in-law would love it.  I think I already mentioned we have a stuffed duck that quacks songs...we'll have to play with it in his honor.  lol

Earmuffs day.  Well...I guess if you lived back east where they are still digging out from the long winter, you'd celebrate earmuffs.  Here we haven't needed them so much...

National Open an Umbrella Indoors day! I like this...I do it all the time!  I don't know what the big deal was...I guess if you are in an enclosed space and you open an umbrella you could knock stuff over...but anyway - have fun with that!

And then of course - tomorrow is Pie day..

.and I've heard all sorts of stuff from how it's the closest to the sound in greek, yada yada.  I like that it's an excuse to eat anything in a round shape.  (quick math joke...who said Pie r squared???)  From pizza (the best food ever) to fruit or pudding stuff, we have it made tomorrow.

So, hope you all enjoy the lovely weather, and eat lots of pie!  We're going to a wedding reception, and I'm thinking they'll probably serve little pies because the groom is kind of a nerd, lol.  I guess we'll see.
Have a good one!


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