Happy Thursday!

Is anyone ever happy it's Thursday?  It's one of those strange days of the week...but it's a good day!  We should be excited, tomorrow is Friday!  lol

So, just to give you something to smile about, here's today's thoughts:

It's Make Up Your Own Holiday day!!  Now that's simple...whatever you want to celebrate, go for it!!  Personally, I think it's curl up on the couch with a good book day!  But it's not going to happen...sigh.  Perhaps crochet that project till it's done day??  Or maybe Get all the laundry folded day!!  lol  What's your choice?

Purple day.  I love the color purple.  I remember when I was in elementary school, and corduroy was new (to me) I had a pair of purple bell bottoms!  They were awesome!  lol I'm sure many would be ashamed to even admit that... hmm.  I painted our bathroom a soft shade of lavender when my daughter got married. I LOVE it.  what's your favorite shade?
UPDATE - Okay, I've also been informed that it's purple day because of epilepsy awareness day!  I had no idea, so...it's a day to recognize epilepsy as an issue and problem for many of us. 

then perhaps one of my favorite things...Spinach day!!!  Yeah!  That leafy green veggie that goes great in a salad, in casseroles, smoothies...sigh.  The list is endless.  ;)  I guess this was Popeye's favorite day??

Well, that does it for today.  I hope everyone has the greatest Thursday ever, and finds something to smile about.  Have a good one!


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