Wednesday and Tuesday is late...

Well folks, things were a little busy yesterday and today is going to be much the same, so I'll hurry and send this out before I forget...or run out of time, which ever would come first, lol.

Yesterday was a great one - national chocolate covered raisins day!  I so meant to tell you all so you could enjoy that!  I love the dark chocolate covered ones...  ;)  Strangely enough, it was also American Diabetes alert day...go figure. 

Today is the old New Years Day...I guess they used to do something around the spring solstice?  I don't know how that figures...when I tried looking it up again, it didn't have any references - so no ideas, guys.  Any thoughts?

National Pecan day!!  Everyone that loves those nuts raise your hands and wave them in the air like you just don't care!  lol

Tolkien reading day - I guess that's an excuse to loose yourself over the rest of the evening reading the Hobbit or something...

and last (but not least, of course)
Waffle day!!  Another excuse to have breakfast for dinner.  I found a recipe once for cornbread waffles with pulled pork on top.  It was totally different and yummy.  Ever tried cornbread waffles?  It's a yummy version.

Whatever your take, hope you have a great day!


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