Did You Wear Socks?

Hi everyone!  It's FRIDAY! 
We have some fun stuff today. 

First off is No Socks Day!  Did you wear socks?  Personally, I skip them as often as possible, and so no, I'm not wearing mine.  ;)  Is that TMI?  lol  I think this is good though...it's closer to no shoes...is there a no shoes day?  I'll have to look into that.  I rarely wear shoes and so that would be my day!!  ;)  Drives my hubby nuts.  Unfortunately, he has at least two children that are just like me....  (and this little clip art looks a LOT like my feet in the summer, lol)

It's also VE Day...so perhaps we should pause for a moment and reflect on this day in 1945 where WWII was officially over.  It's a good day to celebrate...and I think it would do Europe and most of that continent to reflect on that day and that war, considering what's going on over there right now... sigh.  It's a sad world, ya know?  They need some hugs.

Along with that, It's Military Spouse Appreciation day!  So if you know anyone who is a military spouse, they deserve a hand, a hug and an award.  Being married in the military has got to be one of the hardest things.  I have three nephews and a niece who are married and either in the military or married to a military spouse.  It's a continual guessing game as to when they are going to be home, how long they're there, where they are going, where the family has to relocate, etc.  Challenge and Change are the two constants in the life of a military family.  They sacrifice a lot for us to be safe and free.  THANKS!!!

                                                  (Image from free images for thanks)

And last...(definitely deserving of that rank)....it's Fintastic Friday - giving Sharks a Voice.  Really??  Who thinks up these things??  Why would you give sharks a voice...they're the ones that are biting people.  If they left us alone, I think we'd leave them alone, right?  I mean, I don't know any reason someone would be hunting them down if they weren't known to attack swimmers.  You probably aren't going to convince me that they are simply misunderstood and calm creatures.  Finding Nemo attempts to do that, but they're still sharks...lol
                                                                 (Image from a free wallpapers -kid site)
Oh well..."one persons garbage is another persons potpourri", right?  lol  (okay....who said that and what movie was it in??)

Well, nuff said.  Have a great day!!!  ;)


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