feeling Hungover?

It's the day after - and I don't drink - but if you do, you probably enjoyed yourself yesterday. Apparently a big part of Cinco de Mayo in other parts of the land is the drinking, lol.  We ended up having a dinner party with my mother-in-law, and going home.  No movie this week...maybe next week.  ;)  It was fun, and she enjoyed it.

Today we have Ride Your Bike to School Day...which I guess most kids do that can anyway.  My kids never really had bikes at the same time...and if they walked they were toooo distracted to make it to school or back home in a reasonable time, so I always took them.  It was just simpler that way.  ;)  When we moved to our current home, we lived closer without busy streets and not all of them going to the same location, they walked.  It was great!

I'ts No Homework Day too...which isn't fair.  We don't have homework, so how are we supposed to celebrate this one??  Unless someone is taking classes right now...enjoy.  ;)

my favorite - No Diet Day!  For those of you who are continually 'on a diet' or 'dieting' here's a day for you!  It's a cheat day.  Don't think of the calories going in your mouth, just enjoy your taste buds for once.  I gave up on 'dieting' many years ago.  It's another 'D' word that we don't say in my house, lol.  It's a lifestyle change and when I do it, everyone does it.  ;)

National RM Recognition Day.  Everyone who knows a nurse knows how dedicated they are and the hours they work.  Only the ones that have been in the business for years are able to work the shifts they want and have more of a life.  My sister used to work graveyard at the ER.  Ugh.  She never did get used to sleeping during the day.  Before she died, she was working at a surgical center and loved it.  ;)  Hug a nurse!  They deserve it.

It's also School Nurse Day - do we even have those anymore?  I guess we have floaters that go to several schools and check up on things.  That's got to be a hard job.  'Back in the day' as some of my co-workers like to say, they used to have an office in the school and you went to them for band aids and upset stomachs.  Remember the part in The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever where Imogene used to go to the school nurse and complain about itching and rashes to get out of class when everyone was getting weighed? (which I guess was something they used to do as well). Now the school secretary gets to handle all that....  oh joy.

Well...hope everyone had a great day yesterday and is looking forward to another lovely one today!  Have a good one!


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