Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Everyone knows what day today is!! 

time for a FIESTA!  lol  Any excuse to party, that's us.  I have to laugh that it's a bigger celebration here in the US than it is in Mexico.  My husband always jokes that it happened when the Titanic when down...(with the mayonnaise)...Anyway - we always have tacos and chips and listen to Mexican music or watch a themed movie.  Tonight is going to be a little tame in comparison to our usual attempt because we don't have a kitchen to invite anyone over, and we're going to go see The Avengers instead.  ;)  (can't pass up $5 Tuesdays!)

Appropriately enough, it's also Totally Chipotle Day - which I'm not sure if Chipotle came up with that, or if it was a day before the restaurant - from what I find it's not even associated with the restaurant.  It's all about the pepper...so I'm not really into spice (I'm a total gringo, even being raised in California) but for those of you that like it...rock out.  ;)

It's also National Teacher Day...which I guess is why Teacher Appreciation week is this week.  ;)  Everyone thank your teachers - they're awesome.  I don't think I could put up with 30 or so teenagers or kids for 6 hours...why do you think I sent mine to school instead of home schooled them???  I would have ended up in prison for murdering them...sigh.  Poor teachers...

Revenge of the 5th - you knew that was coming, right?  For May the 4th be with you??  Of course you did.  And only those that are really nerds will be celebrating or doing anything with regards to that today... (not in my house!!)

So, hopefully everyone is excited to be alive and partying today.  If nothing else you need to have a large taco salad for dinner and eat guacamole!!  I know I will be.  ;)


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