Have a Great Weekend?

So did I.  I loved the rain on Saturday!!  Felt bad for a neighbors daughter...got married Saturday and only had 10 min where it was clear enough for photos.  ;)  But it was a good day.

Today is I Love Recess day...didn't you love recess as a kid?  I was sooo disappointed when I went to jr high and there was no more recess.  Dang!  ;)  Does lunch count as recess?  lol

It's also Visit Your Relatives day.  I did that yesterday folks, so won't be doing it today, but take a minute if you can and visit your loved ones.  It's my mother-in-law's husbands' 90th bday today.  We had a party for him yesterday, but the open house is today.  He's the only one in his family to have made it to this age, and we're proud of him.  ;)

Here's to ya Verl!

Well...Hope you have a great day!


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