It's Friday and a Long Weekend!

I've been looking forward to this weekend all month.  I get off early from work, and I'm taking an extra day off next I'm really getting a five day weekend!!  ;)  Too bad I don't have anywhere to

So, today we only have two things....

It's World Goth Day - so if you like dressing up that way, or like being that way, (like my daughter...sigh).  This day is for you!  Actually her preferrence is steam punk, but goth works too, lol.  (photo is from wikipedia on goth culture - model Lady Amaranth)

And it's National Wig Out Day.  If you need a day to release all your stress and get freaked out by everything around you, today is that day to cut loose!!  Stand on your desk and yell at the top of your voice...go outside and yell like tarzan at the magpies... (oh wait...I do that everyday, lol - okay, I don't yell at them, I squirt water at them...:)  Anyway, you get my drift.  ;)

Tricked ya!! Unfortunately, that's not what it means, lol.  It's a day that you can try wigs on and see if you like a different hair style.  Go figure.  I like my version better...  ;)

So hopefully everyone has something relaxing and fun planned for the weekend!  We're hoping to get tile laid down, so I guess we'll see.  ;)

Have a good one!

(cat photo is from Taste of Home community)


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