It's May!

Greetings!!  Can you believe it's finally May?  I feel like it should be the end of May, but hey, it's good.  I guess I could have grabbed my granddaughters and had them do a May pole dance, but that sounds too much like pole dancing, lol.

I just have a couple of tangents to go on...

First - who really cares about the NFL draft?  Any of you?  Really?  I wish they'd just go one with their lives...just because in about 10 years none of them are going to be playing because they'll have too many concussions or have blown out a knee...(but then, I don't have an opinion, right?)

And have you heard of the site called How Old Do I Look?  I posted a photo of me with my daughters, and it was pretty close to mine, but totally messed up on my youngest, lol.  What can I say, it's a robot, right?  ;)

And does anyone else want a Tesla Battery??  I think it's so cool that they've come up with a way to use batteries with solar power for homes.  But that's me...I'm kind of a solar nut.  I'd have my home totally solar if we could afford it.  ;)

Have I mentioned we're remodeling our kitchen right now?  It was kind of forced...our dishwasher connection to the hot water had a slow leak and the floor was expanding...ugh.  So, we've pulled the cabinets up that were around the dishwasher, and we'll have to fix/replace them.  Then we pulled up the vinyl, and had to pull up all three layers down to the subfloor.  SIGH.
we got the OSB wood down, and it was VERY handy that we didn't have to buy it.  ;)  and some of the hardibacker...

Now we're having to work on wiring, because, the wiring in the kitchen is older than our children...and wasn't done entirely correctly.  REALLY?  What's up with that???

Should I mention that we started this little project the weekend of Easter?  Ya.  We're excited.  NOT.

Remodeling is definitely for the younger crowd.  When we were 20 something, this was no big deal.  Now that we're on the other side of 50, it's not so much fun.  And both of us work full time, so ya know how that goes...
And the kidlets (who are ALL adults) are only somewhat helpful...for some reason we have a hard time getting them to volunteer.  ;)

Well...just wanted to get that off my chest and share the photos.  Hope you have a great weekend, it's supposed to be marvelous!  ;)


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