Move Your Bloomin'....

Since I don't swear, I'll leave the rest of that quote blank.  Anyone who's seen the movie/play knows what it is and why.  ;)

Today is Eliza Doolittle Day.  For anyone who has perhaps missed out on all the great musicals of the 60's-70's, Eliza Doolittle is a poor flower vender in the musical My Fair Lady.  She's played by Audrey Hepburn, and her speech is atrocious.  In the beginning of the movie she's imagining the king of England saying that on May 20th, the whole kingdom would celebrate her day.
Personally, I don't like the whole movie.  There are parts of it that are wonderful - but I hate the end.  UGH.  The man's a pig.  My hubby claims it's very romantic - so what do I know.  I write romance, right?  lol

                                                          (photo is from the article)
So anyway - theater geeks and movie buffs are the only ones that celebrate the day.  ;)
My favorite parts are where she's dressed up and looks like a lady.  Who can deny that Audrey Hepburn was elegant?  sigh.

I read an article that said perhaps we are in need of such a movie/book today as at the time this one was made and the book written (Pygmalion).  Many of our country have poor speech and it's celebrated.  The article pointed out that President Roosevelt said "feah" instead of fear.  No one blasted him in the papers, apparently.
And when President Obama speaks I just cringe...but that's me.  I know there are many speech therapists who would agree with the idea.  ;)
But anyway - be a little wild and celebrate raw language.  It will drive all the speech therapists crazy.  ;)
Arh - 'ave a g'one, gov.  ;)


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