The Avengers

Okay - so if you're like those of us who didn't rush out and watch the movie in it's first week...have you seen it yet?  Did you think it was worth seeing it on the big screen or had you wished you'd just waited for it to come out on DVD?

I was all set to not like it.  I'd read some reviews that were not all that friendly to it, and I had heard a LOT of back story from my children that made me wary of the storyline. 

Thankfully - it was better than all that.

Yes, it's still the whole bang bang, kill kill, yada yada - but it still had a story.  I'm not sure I understood the crazy main villain, but ya know, I'm kind of dense sometimes.

The thought I had on the way home was isn't it interesting how we as humans focus on superheros.  And yet, we are always trying to bring them down at the same time.

I've been re-reading a book by Brandon Sanderson (whom I'm thrilled to be able to say I've actually met once, lol) called Stealheart.  It's kind of superheros on steroids and all the bad effects included.  And then I watch this movie, where the superheros struggle to fight against their fears. 

We are human.  We were created to live in a world that Satan wants to control, and deal with life as it comes.  There is darkness because there is evil.  There is light because there is a Savior.

I thought it interesting how the 'witch' character said Tony Stark wouldn't stop till he made it right.  That meant saving the world.  He has what I guess people would call a Savior complex?  But it made me compare the fictional superheros to our real life, amazing, eternal Savior.  The only one who really can save the world, and bring us hope -- bring us light.

Jesus Christ.

And he has his own 'team'.  They're not 'Avengers' - they are angels, and prophets and apostles.  I mean, imagine a team with Captain Moroni!  That would be amazing.  And the stripling warriors...that would be a team to be proud of.

Just sayin'.


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