Happy Anniversary....

To me!  lol  Yesterday was my hubby's and mine anniversary.  29 years!!  I have a hard time believing it's been that long...and then again, haven't we always been married???  lol  It's kind of strange when we think of our twins turning 28 next week...ugh.  It doesn't seem possible.
Don't we look incredibly young? lol
My hubby has gotten even better looking, if possible!  I tell ya...he's so handsome.  ;)  He says that about me too, so ya know.  I'm really lucky to have him.  And he thinks he's lucky to have me, so I guess that makes us a perfect match.  ;)

This is us about 16 years ago...  ;)

And 4 years ago.  ;)

He just keeps getting better and better!  ;)


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