It's Wednesday??

One of the odd things about being off for the summer is that the days kind of blend.  Especially when all we're doing is working on the the days have been really strange.  Last Friday seemed like SATURDAY all day!!  It was driving us all crazy.  It was probably because my hubby had started his four 10 hour days and Friday he was home.  That would be a big part of it...  ;)

Anyway - we have made progress, and hope to be grouting on Friday!!  Yeah!!  We didn't get as far as we'd hoped today because - okay, I admit, some of the parts of my kitchen has corners!!  Okay...can't help it.  Where the fridge goes is like...2 of them...and they are difficult when you're doing offset diamonds...  I know - I owe my hubby BIG!!  ;)

Yesterday we had to stop early because it was his sister's bday, and we couldn't not go have dinner with her, she's always coming to our stuff!  So, we went to Sushi Ya, which has an all you can eat Sushi menu...ugh.  I like sushi, but hubby doesn't really so much...especially if it's raw.  Fortunately, we figured out which ones were raw and which were cooked.  It really was yummy, but the trick was, you could only eat what you ordered take out bags.  We got carried away ordering rolls and suddenly we were full.  I was the strangest feeling.  I just didn't want to put another bite in my mouth.  My stomach was wasn't the OH I'm going to DIE feeling, it was just ...nope - no more going in.  And there was still roll on my plate!!  My hubby had the same problem, and then his sister ordered 3 rolls, thinking everyone was going to help eat them!!  oh my.  Fortunately her son and family had ordered dinners, and had to go boxes...we all kind of dumped in there, hoping the restaurant wouldn't call us on them.  You see, if you left stuff on your plate with the all you can eat, they fined you. read that right.  Fined you!!  So, we were avoiding that one!!
It was good though...I would highly recommend the snowball one!  And the Las Vegas was great too...  ;)

So - anyway - today is a wacky holiday!  It's Eat Your Vegetables Day!!  Sorry to say, I haven't eaten many today, but I did eat some.  ;)  It's also Stewarts Rootbeer day...but we didn't have the chance to go get any.  We did have ice

Well...hope to have photos to share tomorrow of how far we've gotten in the kitchen.  The tentative plan is to have it all down, grouted and ready to walk on for Father's day so we can move the table back into the dining room.  Wish us luck!!  ;)


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