Go Figure!

Okay..  Can you believe June is here? ..wow.  May sure flew by.

Believe it or not, there aren't really any spaz holidays worth commenting on for the rest of the week till Friday...But there are loads for today!!  Aren't you glad it's Monday?  Because it's an amazing day!  We're in for 90 temperatures, which is going to be a shock to our systems because it's been SOOO NICE for the past month.  ;)

Okay...I'll stop rambling now and get to the good stuff

National Go Barefoot Day!  Okay...is it just me or didn't we already have a day like this? I know we had the go without shoes charity thing...and there was a go without socks day...
Anyway - wish I could go barefoot to schools, but I don't think they'd appreciate it.  I'll go barefoot in my bedroom, since doing so in the rest of my house right now invites a visit to the ER...lol.

National Leave the Office Early Day!  Hey, everyone would like this, wouldn't they? Apparently this is to encourage those workaholics that stay late to actually go home early/on time and enjoy family and
friends or activities.  I don't really know anyone that's like this, but I'd still support leaving early if they let us, lol.  apparently 5 to 10 minutes is workable.  ;)

Thank Goodness It's Monday!  Well...we already had the TGIF day, now it's TGIM.  whatever...sometimes I think people are reaching, don't you?  Although, since a lot of people are out of school, perhaps that's meant as a welcome to summer?

Oscar the Grouch Day!  Everyone can be grouchy and celebrate the man!
So, then it's Say Nice Things day...which doesn't really match Oscar
the grouch day...he certainly wouldn't approve.  ;)

And lastly....Rocky Road Day!  And there are many variations of rocky road, my favorite is the ice cream version!  ;) 

Anyway - life has been crazy and so I'll end this here.  Hopefully I'll have time to post some photos of the kitchen and the floor...  ;)
Have a good one.


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