Yes, it's really

And I survived the weekend!  I tell ya...people have told us that laying tile is a pain...but they always said it was the back.  And knees...well, the knees are a definite, but surprisingly enough, it's also a pain on the palm.  My hubby and daughter did most of the work, (daughter cutting, hubby placing) and I helped by spacing and leveling.  That means I'm leaning.  A lot.  sigh.

I don't mind the kneeling so much, and we have pads for that, but for some reason the palms get to me.  :(  It's why I have a hard time with doing planks.

Anyway --  Friday night we were up til 1 doing the first part you see in that photo.  By Saturday night, we figured if we got the diningroom all laid out, then we could grout and work on the kitchen.  So we were up til 2 doing that...and all the tile had already been cut!!!  argh.

Doesn't it look nice though??  Everyone is wanting to choke me though, since the offset-diamond was my idea...sigh.  Oh well.  ;)

And as for wacky holidays, as I haven't really posted many...(last Friday I had one all ready for banana splits day, and never got it posted...sorry.  ;)  Today is Nature Photography I thought I'd share some photos we have taken.  
These are fall leaves up the canyon...

This is Multnomah falls in Oregon...sigh...aren't they gorgeous?

and some of the flowers...
These ones were around the Portland Temple.

canon beach by Seaside Oregon

sun burst on the way home...

Well...that's it for today.  Hope you have an awesome one!!  We are having a very brief :(  thunderstorm...actually had lighting hit in the field behind our house!  Woke up my sleeping son, lol.  If only it had rained...  ;)


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