Did ya know?

That I had other blogs?  I do!  Not that it's an earth shattering discovery, lol, but just a gee whiz info.  I have one that focuses on food - and one that showcases my art.  You might want to take a look into them sometime.
I just wrote a blog on making ice cream without an ice cream maker on the food one.
I haven't really posted my current paintings on the other one... life really does get too crazy some times.  ;)

Here's one I painted a couple of years ago...entered in a contest last fall.  ;)

I'll see what I can't get done on that for next week.
I'm contemplating creating a new one for writing, but I'm not sure I have the time...I barely keep up with the other ones...lol
Anyway - have a good one!! Enjoy the gorgeous day!


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