Happy 4th Weekend...and other stuff

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So, I hope everyone had an awesome 4th!  It was so hot...sigh.  We set up the pools so the little kids could play, and then NO ONE CAME OVER!
Does that tell you how much of a looser my family is?  lol...not.  But even my brother commented when he came over that hey, we are the only ones going to each other's events.  sigh.
We had breakfast with them and then they came over and had dinner with us.  Oh well.  At least we love each other! lol
My daughter had come over with hubby and granddaughters in tow, and that was fun, but then they decided to go to the city park with all it's craziness and they were going to come back, but then oldest granddaughter threw a royal fit and they took her home.  Fine.
Hubby mentioned that he feels he needs to invoke his mothers axiom now..."don't include us in the punishment of your kids!"
and the fireworks the neighbors did were awesome! I can't believe how big they were...they looked like professional stuff, not the kind you can buy at the venders.  But, we watched for about a half hour and then went in.  ;)

Anyway - so we got the sink installed Saturday!!  It looks sooo awesome!

I promised you photos, so...here we go.  ;)

Here is the bench before I painted it.  It took like 2 hours to get it all prepped...nails sank, filled, sanded, etc...ugh!!  I hate finish work!!  totally understand why I haven't finished any of the other rooms we have done besides the sunroom, which is now finished because we put the last piece of trim in the doorway, lol.

Here are two angles of the painted/finished bench!!  I love the color, lol.  You'll laugh...the brown is Mushroom Bisque!!  My family thinks it's hilarious.  The light color on the seat is Cauliflower....and the yellow you see in the top trim is roasted corn.  ;)  Sense a food pattern?  But it was totally not on purpose!!!  I have some cushions that I got at Sam's Club that are actually lounge chair covers, lol but they match perfectly and I just need to roll the edge under a little so they sit better.
And for the final tadah....

The new sink!!  It's 9 inches deep!
See the tile around the edge?  That was my suggestion for covering up the issues we had trying to get the mold out of the counter top...sigh.  The router kept slipping so we had some holes in the formica that wouldn't be covered by the sink...we looked at all sorts of options...new counter, etc., but time and money (money being the biggest consideration) made us lean toward the tile.

Hubby sanded what was left of the formica under where the tile would sit, and then put it down.  He had already put a thick piece of plywood where the sink was going to sit, but he wanted to make sure the tile didn't pop after a month with water, etc.  We put the trim around after someone had told him that the water would get under the tile and make it lift.  We have caulked the heck out of this puppy!  If I could show you a REAL close up you would be able to see the shine of the clear caulk.  It's a waterproof one that is not supposed to shrink or get mold, etc.  I hope it works...sigh.

My daughter thinks it's terrible that I wanted the sink above the counter (that's so old fashioned, lol) and I'd have to push stuff up over the tile AND the sink edge now...  But I wouldn't do that anyway, I'd take stuff over the counter edge and into my hand or the garbage can.  ;)  Personally I LOVE it.  hubby even installed the faucet, and it looks awesome.  Now we just have to hook up the plumbing and the water filter guy is coming over on Wednesday, and everyone can't wait to have water in the kitchen again, lol.
We told my sister-in-law that we've been washing dishes in the tub for 3 months and she had no sympathy...she's never had a dishwasher her whole married life.  UGH.  Can I just say UGH!!!???

And - just to keep up with the wacky holidays...today is International/World Kiss Day!  So grab your significant other and plant one on him/her in honor of the day.  Like we need an excuse, right?  lol.

It's also Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day...which is my hubby, so I should have totally planned that one!!  :(  sigh...sometimes I have no brain.  I sent him with a big lunch...maybe he hasn't eaten yet??

Anyway - Have a good one!


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