Happy Pioneer Day!!

My hubby has pioneer stock in his mother's side of the family.  It's kind of cool, I think, that his mother is a Daughter of the Utah Pioneers.  He could be a son of, but didn't want to get into all that.  I think it's cool.  I don't have any ancestors who participated because my parents were both converts before I was born.
I did have ancestors who came over to find a better life.  That kind of counts.
So, even if you didn't have 'pioneer' stock in the technical term, you are of pioneer stock if you had someone who came to the US in search of the American Dream.
For some, that dream involved religious freedom...which was something we are very blessed to have.
Most of us will be watching the great 24th of July parade and having BBQs.  You know me...any excuse to party!  ;)
Have a great one!


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