Back to work... was back to work.  It was good, this week is going to be pretty casual as teachers don't return (officially) till Wednesday, and they'll all be in meetings most of that day...then setting up final touches on classrooms and stuff, so maybe Thursday or Friday I might go out to a school...and then next week school starts.  Sigh.

Saturday was crazy, did some face painting for the first time.  It was really fun!  The balloon festival was really fun (what I got to watch while painting faces.)  Fortunately, they were doing it right in the middle of the field, so it was a good view.

It's still hot though...and I'm wishing that September were here...sigh.  They're doing roadwork on the road in front of our house.  Today they actually have a large hole in front of half our driveway.  Oh boy.  Fortunately I could go into the other half...  Here's hoping they get it filled in fast.  ;)
Well...there's a couple of fun stuff for wackiness...

Today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day.  We love black cats...we have three of them!  Well...two of them aren't totally black, they have white spots on them somewhere.  But we like them.
You can see the one on the far right - this was when she was a kitten.  ;)  See the white toe?  These three used to come sit on the back of my chair while I was at my desk.  This shot was taken over my shoulder, lol.

National Cupcake day!  Yeah!
 Well...for those of you who like cupcakes, this is an excuse to eat one.  Personally, I'd rather have a piece of cake, lol.
And last is National Thrift Shop Day.  I love this one...thrift shops are my favorite!!  We have a couple out here that are great.  I'm always liking it when I find brand new stuff that people have donated.  Score!!

Anyway - have a good one!  ;)


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