Okay - so anyone familiar with pink eye?  It's a dreaded childhood (usually) bacteria that makes your eyes red and goopy and is extremely contagious.  When you work in a school district, they frown on you coming to work if you happen to have such a thing.
I woke up this morning with goopy eyes and couldn't believe it.  I mean, I was in schools yesterday, but I didn't touch any of the children...sigh.
Well - so the doctor says it's probably not since my eyes aren't stuck together and crusty.  But they gave me drops anyway, since it could still be...
got to love viruses.  NOT.
so...I got my hubby home with  me, I'm coughing in a chair, and the kids are doing dishes and otherwise being somewhat helpful.  I guess it's a good day!  ;)
I'm just glad I have sick leave, lol.
Hope your day is better!!
And just to share...this is the photo I got second place at the county fair with.

Only got 3rd with my painting...should I give up the brush? lol


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