Happy Monday! And Canadian Thanksgiving...

Hi everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend - today is the start of another great week!  And not only that, it's the start of a SHORT work week, so everyone is excited, right? Well at least for those of us who work for a school district...we love Fall Break!  (used to be hunters weekend or UEA...lol)

Well, we have a couple of fun things to think about/do today.

First - It's Native American Day -  I always take this day to tell my son-in-law I appreciate him, since he's part Native American.- not that you'd know it to look at him, lol.  Got to love those Scottish ancestries...  Go watch the Lone Ranger and enjoy Johnny Depp  😉   
Canadian Thanksgiving.  This is one my family celebrates every year since my hubby went on an LDS mission to Toronto Canada.  It's fun, it's out of the norm, and that way our married kids don't have to divide their time between both families on the regular turkey day.  😊 win-win for everyone! 😊 and hey, we get turkey and pumpkin pie twice, which I'm lovin, let me tell you. 

Natinoal Kick Butt day.  Okay - so I'm not sure this is such a good thing, but I thought it sounded off the wall.  I would imagine this is to encourage those who are struggling to overcome something to get out there and kick it...ya think?  But actually, it's to encourage the youth to avoid tobacco and smoking.  So...there ya go.

National Online Banking day.  Hey - have to admit that the first time they but my banking online so that I could do it from the comfort of my own home I was sold.  I guess we have the small niggle of fear of hackers...but we are able to transfer money to pay bills from the comfort of our home instead of running to the post office.  Got to love it.  Anyone else?

Free Thought day. 
Seeing as how I work for a school district that sort of encourages thought and knowledge, I felt this was an appropriate item.  Besides, I think most educators are free thinkers.  Aren't we glad we live in a nation where we can be free thinkers and express that? (well, for the most part...sigh)

I hope everyone has an awesome day!  Go eat some turkey!
Turkey from a free clipart search...


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