It's Monday!

And it's raining, which is great!  It finally feels like fall.  Hope you all had a great long weekend and are ready to hit the ground running!  (well...some of us it's more like limping along, but ya know...)
Only have one thing today, and only because it reminds me of a movie line that makes laugh.
Today is Evaluate Your Life Day.  Reminds me of the prequel Star Wars movie where they're in a bar, and Obi-Wan Kenobi:runs into a drug dealer. 
(photo from The Soul of the Pilot Blog...don't know where he got

He does the whole Jedi thing on him and says "You don't want to sell me death sticks."  The guy repeats it after him, then he continues.  "You want to go home and re-think your life."
I think that's what today is.  A day for all of us to Evaluate or Rethink our lives.  Usually that's something all of us do around New Years...when we do the whole resolution thing.  But it is always helpful to take stock of where you're at and see if you need to improve something or if you want to change something.
Are you happy with your life in general?  Are you frustrated with where you're at?  Just a friendly reminder that we are the masters of our fate.
Where is your ship going?
Have a great one!


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