It's Wednesday...and a Friday at the same time, lol

So - in case you haven't picked it up from my previous posts, I work for a school district.  This school district has a fall break in October.  Used to be called Hunters weekend, but then the state took it over and called it UEA...and then everyone gave up on that (because most of the educators weren't attending?  And now they call it Fall Break.  Works for me...I don't have to work tomorrow and Friday.  So...that makes today my Friday.  I'm a happy camper.  :)  I know...doesn't take much to make me happy, huh?

Anyway - so we have some holidays to celebrate today.
National Bring your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day.  Failed on that one, lol .  I just don't have a small one that's handy to carry around with me...anyone else bring one?

National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day - too bad my kids don't read my blog...perhaps I should forward it to them, lol.  See if you can get your kids to take you out!  You deserve it!

And last for the day...

Spiderman Day - apparently the Mayor of New York declared October 14th Spiderman Day It could have been a one time thing, but hey, if you're a fan, it's a good day to keep in memory.  Personally, I REALLY like the new ones...didn't quite like Toby McGuires version...although I did like Francos version of his if you could have a dream team, ya know?  Anyway - that's all for today.

Hope you have an awesome day...dream big and all that.  It's a gorgeous day!


clarissa said…
Hey, what do you mean we don't read your blog?
G. Parker said…
You're the only one, lol

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