Happy Monday!

Hi everyone!  Well, running a little behind today, so you probably won't see this till morning, and then we'll have new stuff, but at least I tried, lol.  
Fun stuff for those of you who like mental things,...
first, it's Doctor Who Day - did you know that Dr. Who has been around since 1963?  It's almost as old as I am...๐Ÿ˜Š  I have heard about Dr. Who since I was a kid, but never really got into watching it.  My son is a great fan, so I'll say at least it rubbed off on someone, lol.
Fibonacci Day - Anyone who has watched DaVinci Code knows what the Fibonacci number is. Personally, I don't think that hard about numbers...
International Image Consultant Day - I thought this was kind of funny...how many of us are talking to image consultants?  Personally, I think you're all marvelous and whoever your consultant is deserves a raise.  ๐Ÿ˜Š  Actually, you should fire them because you are marvelous on your own. 
Last...for those of you coffee addicts...National Expresso Day
National Espresso Day - Home
Celebrating National Espresso Day ... The Origins of Espresso Espresso made its debut in Italy in the early 20th century although coffee was already very much a part ...
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It's my understanding that espesso is coffee on a high...lol.  So, that's why they serve it in little tiny cups, right?  Anyway - if you're into it, today would be the day to celebrate.
Have a good one!


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