Happy Thursday and a Week till Turkey Day!

Okay peoples, so, it's not snowing.  What's the deal??  I've been waiting with bated breath all week, only to hear it's supposed to rain.  :(  this is not good.  We need snow people...SNOW!!  lol.  Okay, I'm fine.  I guess if we get it in the mountains it's all good, and I'm sure people don't want to drive in it.
I still want it.  :)
I think my daughter gave me her cold...though it's only in my nose.  UGH.  I wasn't sure if it was just stronger allergies or cold, but I think it's sinus.  Just draining all.the.time...
And just in case you're curious, I'm at almost 38,000 words...so not too far behind.  I saw yesterday where one of my author friends had already reached 50,000.  Do they have a LIFE???  sigh.  I am lucky if I get 2 hours or so to write, and I have to make those little fingers move!!  lol  Good thing they invented computers...writing is soooo much faster and easier that way.
Anyway - there is lots of silliness today, so here we go.  :)
And by the way - yesterday was push button phone day.  Does anyone remember the rotary dial??  Hello??  sigh.  I am soo glad for the push buttons.  Rotary were Sooooo slooowwww...

Anyway - we have lots of silliness today, I'll see which ones I think you'd like.
American Made Matters Day - this is kind of cool.  My hubby and I are big on trying to buy what's made in America.  He about died when I bought a 175 pound cast iron sink to replace our old one, but I was excited it was made in America!!  lol

Great American Smokeout - this is about stopping smoking, not smoking meat, lol.  Though, I'm sure you could twist it that way if you wanted.  Know anyone that needs to quit??  this is the day to really encourage it.

Rocky and Bullwinkle Day - who can remember who these two are??  I grew up with their cartoons.  Fun stuff!!  Lots of todays kids have no idea...  

Use Less Stuff Day - I guess this is good for all of us that are somewhat materialistic now.  We have sooo much stuff that we need to put it in storage??  (sorry, rant at my daughter who is living with us right now, lol.)  

And last...thought this was kind of funny...
World Toilet Day! 
When you think about it, the toilet is really one of the most necessary inventions in the world...at least to women!!  lol.  I am thankful every day!!  (and for running water and electricity, lol)
Anyway - I guess there are still many countries around the world that don't have toilets like we know them, so perhaps it needs to be a crusade.  What ever...it's too close to Friday to think that hard.
Well...Hope everyone has an awesome day! 


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