It's Friday and we Love Food..

Right? least when I get to pick it. 
Well, so, it's Friday and we have a couple of fun things to smile about.'s still kind of snowing, so if you're doing the snow dance, don't let anyone know - there are some that will hunt you down, lol.
We have a couple of items that we get to enjoy, like
National Nachos Day! Yeah! of my favorite foods.  I don't get it with the fake cheese stuff, my hubby won't allow that in the house...sigh.  But we still have fun with them all gooey with cheese and sour cream and ...definitely dinner tonight.
It's also Love Your Lawyer Day - and since my sister is my lawyer, that makes it REAL easy, lol.  I'm hoping she get's it from more than me...

and last-
National Saxophone  day.  I'm not real thrilled about that, but hey, musical instruments are good.  So, if you know any sax music or like listening to it, have fun with that!  I'm afraid I associate them with a former president and I just don't like them, lol.  😊

So, there ya go!  Enjoy the weekend, play in the snow  (not likely, isn't sticking...) and eat nachos!  We know how to party, right?


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