Tuesday Treasures!

Well...it's Tuesday and I have stuff to say!  Yesterday was kind of boring on the blogging front, but today there's a couple of fun things.
If I can keep my nose from feeling like things are running and packing at the same time, it would be good.  I don't want to take another sick day this month...sigh.  But bed does sound soooo good.  I can't go to bed though, I've got Nano to catch up on!  I'm only at 25,000 words, and I need to be at least 32000 by now.  :(
Oh well...I'll just have to spend most of Saturday writing...
Anyway - onto Tuesday.  :)
It's Homemade bread day

Isn't that the best news ever?  Everyone loves fresh homemade bread.  Mmm...I think I'll have to make some.  though, it might be my 30 min roll recipe, might not have time for the 90 min bread one...we'll see.  What's your favorite bread?  I keep trying to make sourdough, but the starter always gives me fits.
(photo credit -  © | Dreamstime Stock Photos)
National Entrepreneurship Day -  Well, if you know anyone who is trying to start their own business, give them a high 5 today, and see if you can support them in some way.  My brother-in-law is the embodiment of the entrepreneur mentality - he amazes me.  He's gone from dirt poor and owing money to unsavory sharks, to a self made millionaire who keeps finding ways to make money.  Think of him every time you eat an Angela Marie Marshmallow Munchie.  😊  (you can usually find them at Smiths)

and last...National Unfriend Day.  good grief...you have to have a day to remind you to clean out your friend box at Facebook?  I try only to friend people I know, but I have several writing acquaintances, where people who know them try to friend me.  I know there's a point to networking, but when you get posts from people you have no clue who they are, well, time to start unfriending ...friend.  😊

Hope you all have a marvelous day!  only 9 days till Thanksgiving and all the turkey you can eat!!  😊


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