Best two weeks...

War Room

Hi everyone - I haven't been as active posting during this time because I've been home with family and when my hubby and I are able to spend time together, I don't get a lot of extra curricular writing done, lol.

We've been having a wonderful holiday season at our house, and I hope you have too.
Next week it's back to work and you'll be seeing more of me then.

What I did want to say was we bought a new movie for Christmas (we usually do one or two, lol) and it was War Room.
If you have seen Courageous or Facing the Giants, you'll love this one.  If you haven't seen any of the previous ones, but you like CLEAN movies, you've got to watch it!  It is so good!  We were so glad we got it.

No one is paying me to say it.  If you've read my blog, you know I let you know if I love a movie or hate it, so there you go.  We also saw Star Wars VII over this break and I like some of the characters, but think the story is lame, the ending is really lame and what's the deal with Mark Hamill's character??  UGH.  Oh well...then we went home and watched the originals.  Still can't be beat.

Have a great New Years!!!


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