I survived!!

Well...it's Wednesday, and it's been a great day.  Yesterday was a little different... my son had mixed up a remedy for a sore throat and left it on the counter.  I thought it was water and took a swallow to take my pill, and about died!!!  ARGH. 

Anyone out there use hydrogen peroxide to help sore throats?  I don't.  Have. Never. And. Will. Never.  ugh.  I'm just glad that I only had one swallow!  I couldn't believe how bad it tasted...I asked my hubby to smell it, and he couldn't smell anything, so we woke all the kids up for prayer and discovered that my son had mixed up some hydrogen peroxide and water to gargle with.


It tasted awful and burned going down, and then my stomach...I REALLY wished I could throw up, but I'm not the throwing up type, so, I just suffer.  I went back to bed and when I woke up later, it felt better, but my stomach was still sick.  :(

It wasn't until about 6pm that I ate some pita chips and it settled down.  I'd drank clay water (don't judge me) and wished I'd thought of taking my sons charcoal tablets.  SIGH.

Anyway - so I feel so much better today!!  My co-workers were all amazed I'm still alive, lol.  My hubby had done a quick look up on the internet and found out that a very small dose of the hydrogen peroxide wasn't life threatening, and I didn't need to go to the emergency room.  It was not fun because of the bubbles that were created in my stomach.  bizarre.

So...I survived, and now life is much better.  See, I got to play with two of my little granddaughters tonight for two hours with my husband, and we had sooo much fun.  :)  We don't get to see them as often as we'd like anymore.  We're already planning a grandparent sleepover the week of Christmas.  :)  AWESOME!!

Now, there was one item that was kind of fun today - Weary Willie the Clown day.  If you've never heard of him, you're not alone.  I think my father-in-law loved him...I remember seeing photos of him around.  He is pretty sad...

And last, I have some thoughts I wanted to share as well about Christmas.

We were watching Santa Claus 2 last night, and there is a point where they were talking about Tim Allen not being able to be Santa Claus anymore...and how Christmas would end.

I can't watch these so blithely anymore...it comes across that they are so not real.  It's all fiction.  You see, Santa Claus is a fun fantasy that society has propagated, but it's not real.  The only real thing about Christmas is the fact that Christ was born.  He wasn't even born on Christmas day as we know it, but that's not as important as who He is.  And you can take away the trees, the presents and all the decorations, but it will still be Christmas.  There will always be a Christmas, even if it's only in our hearts.

In fact, the best way to celebrate Christmas is in our hearts.  It's all about love and family and friends and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He was born to save us, to give us hope and bring us home.  What better friend could you possibly have?

In case you haven't seen the new Christmas website that the LDS church has put out, here's a quick video that shows how much we need a Savior.

Enjoy.  :)


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