It's Wednesday!! Hump day number 1...

And wow...I've had something every day this week.  Hope it's not driving you all crazy... we have:
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Day - It seems a little redundant, but I guess that's how they wanted to have it worded.  I guess it's to distinguish it from other locales...but it's sad to think that there is still slavery going on around the world.  We are free so we just figure everyone else is.  I'm not sure what we can do about it, possibly donate funds or time?  Something to think about.  There's been several signs in my neighborhoods talking about human trafficking.  I believe it's the same thing.  It's all wrong.  

National Mutt Day - National mutt day recognizes that there are more mutts than pure breeds out there and they are loved too!!  We have a couple of them at our house, and while I'm not really a dog person, they're still cute.
This one looks just like my daughters dog.  Isn't he cute?

It's apparently National Fritters Day - though it's not Friday, when they're half price at Kent's Market in Clearfield, Bowmans still makes a mean fritter...

Safety Razor Day - I guess this is to honor the fact that men used to take their lives in their hands every time they shaved...or had the barber shave them. 

Have you seen those old straight razors??  Even the so called safety razors that my dad used to use back in 1960's...that I sliced my leg on because I'd seen too many commercials with women shaving their legs in the tub, lol.  Nasty!!  Makes me wonder why beards weren't more of the fashion longer...  I'm glad I don't have to scrape the hair off my face everyday.  

Special Education Day  I didn't even know we had one!  I think that means the Special Education department at my work should have an open house and serve cookies and hot  Oh's a thought.  

Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting - well, if you're into anything New York, you'll like this ceremony.  I like the Home Alone movies, and the second one takes place in New York.  That is some tree...  We have lots of cool lighting ceremonies here though.  Did anyone go to the lights at Temple Square?  We didn't brave the cold, lol.  Did you realize they have been lighting them now for 50 years this year?  The Deseret News has a fun set of photos from then till now.  We went once when our girls were little babies...and it was sooo cold!!  We got stuck in the middle by the tabernacle, there were so many people!  Then we went with our younger kids and a friend a couple of years ago...and there was hardly anyone.  crazy.

Special Kids Day -  as if having a special ed day wasn't enough, we even get a day that celebrates special kids.  What is kind of fun about this site is that it's promoting playgrounds that are accessible to all children, regardless if wheelchair bound or not. Kind of cool.

Hope you have an awesome day!!


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