SNOW!!! Finally. lol

Well...most of you are probably not happy, but I'm excited.  I LOVE looking at the powder and watching it sparkle in the sunlight...I also love watching it float down.  It's like those Kinkade painting applets where the snow fell over a country scene...  I would insert one, but they all take java and don't run well on the average computer...ugh.
Anyway - and we really need it for water, so I'm hoping we keep getting it.  We probably won't, (that's the pessimistic side of me talking...) but we can hope.

So...Today is Cat Herders Day!  I think it's great that they have a day for that.  Have you ever seen the video of that?  If you haven't, you're in for a good laugh.  Anyone that has had, knows, or sees cats, will totally get a laugh out of this. 

Hope you have a great day and enjoy the snow!!
Only 9 days left....


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