Cheese lovers day!!!

Hi everyone!  I'm running a little late getting this out today, but there are a couple of silly things:
Camcorder Day-  Who remembers camcorders??  We had one that my in-laws let us have that have the little cassette tapes inside that you have to put in a VCR machine to see them...  lol  We still have a couple of's a pain trying to move them to DVD.  

National Cheese Lovers Day - Cheese!!  I love cheese.  My daughter is making a broccoli cheese soup for dinner, and I'm way excited.  What's your favorite way of eating cheese?  We love cheese.  I had a roommate that would melt cheese in the oven (this was before everyone had microwaves, lol) for a snack.

 National Disc Jockey Day -  for those who played the records for us....not so much anymore, huh?  It's all CDs...

Rid The World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day - this is all women, right?  No FAD diets...DIET is a 4 letter word that no one needs to use.  We all want to be healthy!  Right?

And last....It's National Granola Bar day.  well....if you like them, enjoy.  I always thought they were either too sweet, or too hard.  So...ya.

Have a great day- enjoy!


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