Fog! ...for a little while

Can I say that I hate being sick?  :(  I tell ya, this is insane!  I couldn't get to sleep until after 2:30 am last night because of coughing.  Then we had to get up for prayer this morning and I had no voice.  Again.  It's a little better now, but I thought it was going to be gone again!  Sigh.
I'm just glad today isn't a work day and I have one more chance to beat this thing before going back.  UGH.

So...quick thoughts...
today is Popcorn Day! - Got to love popcorn day...what kind of popcorn do you like?  Plain?  Buttered?  I like the flavored stuff...we have a bag of popcorn that's drizzled with dark chocolate...YUM.  Lots of people like theater popcorn, but that's tooo buttery and salty for us. 

It's also Tin Can Day.  Not sure why there would be a day to celebrate tin cans...but there are lots of people that were glad for them - much easier to store than jars and less breakable!  lol  

Hope you have a great day. We actually have blue sky!


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