It's Monday...and we aren't snowed in?? dang it

Sometimes I think it's a joke on me.  All the snow always goes somewhere else, never on my house.  :)  I know my husband is VERY grateful, he is okay with snow in small batches...but I think I've mentioned before how I wish I could experience being snowed in just once.  Apparently I'm going to have to change locations if I really want that to Alaska or back east somewhere, because I think they are on the route of Day After Tomorrow, lol.
But, we're good.  We got a nice little dusting last night, and we've been getting steady stuff, so I'm not going to complain...too loudly.  I know that many of you are tired of it, and I had a teacher telling me this morning that she'd rather move to St. George, but she didn't want to start over. UGH too hot for me folks...and I like my seasons!!
Anyway - hope you had a piece of pie Saturday and yesterday was peanut butter day...I think I could live on peanut butter sometimes.  I did a lot as a teenager...
 Today is National Irish Coffee Day - which while I don't think any of you drink coffee, an Irish twist to hot chocolate is always good.  I think mint works...right?  some hot chocolate, some whipped's all good. 

Burns Night - This is in honor of Robert Burns, and generally in Scotland, it's a big deal, apparently much like our Thanksgiving dinner.  So...if you're Scottish or like the poet, you can celebrate in his honor!
Hope it's fun!


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