January is...

food month!  Okay, maybe not, but there are a couple of fun things for this month that I didn't realize till today.  I realized that I wasn't having as much food holidays as I wanted, so I did some more research and found some!

So a couple of food trivias for you.
January is National Oatmeal month.  Apparently more oatmeal is eaten during this month than any other.  Go figure...it wouldn't have anything to do with the cold, right? lol

It's also National Hot Tea month.  I think it's funny they specify hot tea.  What, you don't want iced tea when it's 12 degrees outside?  What's wrong with you??   I love herbal teas.  I don't even sweeten them, which drives my hubby crazy.  He thinks they all taste like grass...lol.  I can't wait till my granddaughters are older and we can have tea parties!  I actually did that when the Olympics were held in England.  It was sooo fun.

And...it's National Soup Month.  Which, once again, figures in with the temperature.  What's your favorite soup?  I love a good potato, but I also love several of Zuppa's soups, like the mushroom bisque...YUM.  We make the Zupa Toscana a lot at home.  Hm...that's what I can make for dinner tonight! 
It's also National Shortbread day.  I love shortbread cookies.  I didn't used to when I was little, probably because they aren't as sweet as most cookies, but I sure like them now.  I ran across one that is supposed to be the Hurst family cookie.  I don't know, but it's yummy.  Here's the link.

Well, hope you have an awesome day.  Go make some soup and breadsticks...that covers at least two things, lol.   


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